Benefits & Features:

– No More Medicine Struggles: Say goodbye to those stressful medicine battles.
– Accurate and Safe Dosage: With Ava, you can trust that your child is getting the right amount of medication every time. Her unique design prevents spillage and ensures precise dosing.
– FDA Registered and Patent Protected: Rest easy knowing that Ava is an FDA-registered class 1 medical device. Protected by a US patent, with additional patents pending, Ava is a trusted solution.
– The Only Talking Medicine Dispenser: Ava is the original and only talking medicine dispenser.
– Easy to Use: Filling Ava with the prescribed medication is a breeze. The included dropper is filled with the medicine, and the stopper is inserted into Ava’s back, ready to make medicine time fun.
– Child-Friendly Design: Ava’s soft, rubbery body is gentle to the touch and easy for little hands to hold.
– Dishwasher Safe: Ava is dishwasher safe, ensuring that she remains hygienic and ready for use.


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Ava Talking Elephant Children’s Medicine Dispenser

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