From the beautiful Author herself, Erika Richards:

Dear Reader
I just want to explain to you how to read the book! I just love to write what’s in my heart, so when I got saved in 1982, I just wrote and wrote – journals full. While I’m reading the Bible and a scripture is highlighted for me, I just write the year, date and day next to it in all my Bibles. So, it came about that when I get a vision, or when I dream dreams, I write them down with the Lord’s interpretation of them. Likewise, when someone has a prophetic word for me, I wrote it down. The Father also gave me direction, also correction at times, gave instructions, and so I just wrote everything down. Little did I know that the Lord was actually preparing me for a plan He has for me.
And when I finished my 3 years of Bible school in 2008, on the last day an instructor told me that she saw me writing. Well, I also wrote that down and so the time went on. Over the years, 4 other people randomly told me that I would write. It is also written in the book. One case was when the Lord told me I should have our pastor pray for me and he is always so surrounded by people, and that Sunday there was no one. I asked him and he said about what? I say the Lord said he must pray for me – in the prayer he mentions that the Lord is going to help me write a book. Now you must know, he did not know me and knew nothing about me.
So it became more and more clear to me that the Lord wants to say something to me and with Covid, I walk to the dining room table and I hear the Lord say I must read Jeremiah. Then I started at chapter 29??? I read all the way through, heard I had to read on and there, chapter 30 verse 1 and 2!! It could not be clearer.
“I the Lord your God say to you Jeremiah (Erika), write every word I said to you in a book!!”
There begins my journey and with everything following, there was no effort on my side, everything just came my way so easily, the publishers too and until now – every book launch is planned by the Holy Spirit. I don’t stress at all, I don’t rush anything, I literally just follow!
So, when a reader reads the book, know that God is going to speak to the reader. Not seeing that it is Erika’s book but seeing that God has an appointment with you and in these words in the book, He wants to meet with you and talk to you! These are His words captured in a book and each word has already summed up the pain, trauma, sadness and whatever else the reader is going through and activates God’s healing as the reader’s eyes fall on the words.
It’s not an ordinary book that teaches, tells a story or recounts lives, but only God’s words through which He wants to touch and heal the reader.
Read the whole book from the beginning……………………
Love and many thanks!
From a grateful heart towards a breathtaking, wonderful Lord, our Jesus Christ!
Erika Richards

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Book by Erika Richards - Deborah you are CHOSEN
Book by Erika Richards – Deborah you are CHOSEN
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