Fold-Away Design: Easy to fold up and store away.
Generous Size for Travel: Take the bath anywhere you like.
Built-in Trays: Convenient for keepig soap and small toys within reach.
Extra Leg Support: The bath comes with extra leg support featuring non-slip material.
Built-in Hook: A built-in hook allows for convenient hang drying and easy storage. You can even hang it from a showerhead to dry off after use.
Heat Sensitive Plug: Prioritize your baby’s safety with the heat-sensitive plug, which changes color to indicate the water’s temperature (blue to white) within the safe range of 33-37 degrees Celsius or 98-100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Safe Materials: The bath is made entirely of safe materials, free from phthalates and heavy metals, ensuring a secure and toxin-free environment for your baby.
Wipe Down Cleaning: Keep the bath clean effortlessly.
Non-Slip Folding Legs: The non-slip folding legs make it usable on any flat surface.
Built-in Hook for Storage: The built-in hook allows for easy hanging and storage.

– Dimensions: Length 69cm x Width 44cm x Height/Depth 22.5cm
– Materials: Polypropylene and Thermoplastic Elastomeric, free of phthalates and heavy metals.
– Suitable from Birth: This bath is suitable for use from birth.


Pink, Green


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Foldable Baby Bath
  • Pink
  • Green
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