Our LED Light offers a natural method for skin rejuvenation. You can treat different skin concerns with our LED Light Therapy Machine.

  • Red Light (640NM Wavelength & 1.6mm Penetration Depth): Anti-Aging effects. Promote collagen production, Tighten loose skin, Increase elasticity, Revitalize cells, Improves facial blood circulation
  • Blue Light (423NM Wavelength & 1.0mm Penetration Depth): Anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-bacterial purposes, Reduce inflammation and scarring, promotes oxygen in your skin.
  • Green Light ( 532NM Wavelength & 0.5-2mm Penetration Depth): Reduces hyper-pigmentation, Balances Oily Skin, Promotes Lymphatic Drainage.
  • Yellow Light (583NM Wavelength & 1-2mm Penetration Depth): Stimulates red blood cells, Reduces pigmentation, Balances skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles & Reduces redness.
  • Purple Light: Combination of Red & Blue Light.
  • White Light: Promotes the Metabolism of Living Tissue.
  • Green-Blue Light: Combination of Green & Blue Light.
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Dimensions 2 × 5 × 2 cm
LED Light Therapy (7 colours)

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