– Longevity – Rattan is one of the strongest woods in the world, making it the ideal, long-lasting, material for furniture for nurseries or kiddies rooms, and ca last for generations to come.
– Versatility – With its natural wicker appearance, this gender-neutral wooden furniture works well with a wide variety of nursery designs.
– Environmentally friendly – Unlike most synthetic materials used for furniture, Rattan furniture is not only safe for babies, but it is also sustainable, and good for the environment as it is completely biodegradable.
– Toughness – Unlike bamboo furniture where the wood is hollow, Rattan furniture’s flexible wood-like vines is one of the go-to materials used when designing furniture for nurseries. It is unlikely to undergo much wear and tear.
– A firm well-fitted mattress is included with every rattan cot.
– Comply with SIDS guidelines.

Clean gently:
Dust and Dust and clean your rattan furniture regularly with a soft damp cloth. Never use paint thinners or abrasive creams to clean your Rattan cots.
Use your vacuum’s brush attachment on the woven wicker panels and furniture crevices.
Protect Rattan Furniture:
Whilst Rattan wood furniture can withstand a range of elements such as sun, heat, or cold; to prolong the lifespan of your wicker furniture, treat the rattan from time to time with Boiled Linseed Oil
Use felt pads or rubber stoppers to protect the feet of cane and rattan furniture.
Rattan fibres can fade in strong light, so avoid extreme sun exposure.
Natural plant fibres require a certain level of humidity. If you’re in a particularly dry area, add moisture to the air with a humidifier.
To avoid splitting the fibres, don’t drag your rattan wood cots around.
If splitting occurs due to excessive dryness, the best thing to do is to make sure no further damage occurs; treat the rattan bassinet with Tung or Boiled Linseed oil and raise the humidity level of the space.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 65 × 100 × 85 cm


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Rattan Baby Bassinet with Mattress - Luna
Rattan Baby Bassinet with Mattress – Luna

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