– 2x 3,5ml Lashperm Tubes.
– 2x 3,5ml Neutralizer Tubes.
– 1x 4ml Glue Bottle.
– 1x Rosewood Stick.
– 2x mini cosmetic dishes.
– 2x Cosmetic brushes.
– 18x Eyelash Rollers Per Size S,M,L,XL.

– Remove Contact lenses. Clean the eye area, remove any oils from eyelashes and eyelids. Pat Dry. Briefly brush the lashes through to separate them.
– Select the roller size depending on the length and the desired curl.
– Attach Roller: bend the self-adhesive roller until it form a shape which corresponds with the curvature of the eyelid.
– Fix the lashes on the eyelash rollers.
– Apply lashperm.
– Apply neutralizer.
– Remove eyelash rollers, dry eye area.


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RefectoCil Lash Curl Kit

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