Free of nasties – happy people.

This product does not contain:
– Sodium hypochlorite,
– Methanol,
– Chlorhexidine,
– Benzakonium chloride,
– Triclosan,
– Phosphates, no formaldehyde,
– Synthetic colourants,
– Fake fragrances,
– Petrochemicals,
– Parabens,
– Animal fat ingredients.
– Hydrochloric acid.
– Chlorine-bleach.
– Phthalates.
– Isopropyl alcohol.
– Ammonium chloride.
– Toxins.
– Synthetic chemicals.
– Ammonia.

Full of nature – Happy planet.
– Made from 100% naturally powerful combination of pure aqua, mixed oxidant (HOCL) <180ppm, electricity and salt. - Tested and approved for use in the USA and SA, is pH neutral and kills 99.9% of harmful pathogens and decontaminates your dummy/pacifier. Shelf Life: 1 Year


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100ml Spray & Use Dummy Sterilizer

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